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Hey there!

Sasha Savelyeva here, and let me tell you,

I've been lucky my whole life. From growing up in Ukraine surrounded by creative and talented people, to being taught by world-renowned artists, and now living in beautiful Canada, I couldn't be more grateful.

But the real luck comes from my profession - the beauty industry. With over 15 years of experience and certification from top organizations like The Cosmopolitan Academy, the National Canadian Association ABA, and the Guild of Beauty Therapists (UK), I know what it takes to make my clients happy and satisfied. And let me tell you, there's nothing better than seeing those smiling faces!

So if you're in British Columbia, come see me and let's make some magic happen.


 See you soon.

Savelyeva Art Signature White.png
Microblading Certificate (1).jpg
MakeUp Artist Diploma (1).jpg
Savelyeva WHMIS 2015 AIX Safety V3_Page_
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Bikini Design Certificate (1).jpg
Lash Extention Certificate (1).jpg
Sugaring Certificate (1).jpg
Brow Modelling Certificate (1).jpg
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