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"State of Skin is our monthlong exploration of what women love, hate, and need to know about their skin — from the most common concerns to the best-kept secrets in beauty."
Kayla Greaves

The process is somewhat similar to your go-to bikini wax but uses a mixture of warm water, sugar, and lemon juice to create a fuzz-free finish that won't quit for six weeks.


Sugaring may be news to us, but the method has actually been in practice since 1900 BC and is a gentler, all-natural alternative to the common waxing treatment. Of course, yanking off the hair is still involved, so it's by no means pain-free, but the sting isn't as bad since the sugar won't adhere to your skin as much as wax, and leaves that first layer intact.

- Underarm


- Brazilian bikini


- Upper lip






$ 20


$ 60


$ 15

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