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"If the eyes are, indeed, the windows to the soul, then it can be said that the lips are the messengers of the heart."

Karyn Siegel - Mayer

Lip Blush Sasha03.jpg

Permanent and semi-permanent makeup has gained popularity recently due to its appealing benefits. With properly applied permanent makeup, it becomes easier to get ready quickly and always look your best.


One trend that has caught a lot of interest is lip blushing. It involves a semi-permanent tattoo, typically in a natural color, being applied to the lips. Lip blushing can enhance your appearance, address imbalances, and conceal signs of aging in the lips. 

It's important to note that lip blushing is not the same as lip filler. Lip blushing only deposits color on the surface of the lips, while lip filler involves injections to increase lip volume.

Lip blushing is a procedure that offers several benefits, making it an attractive option for many individuals. One of its conveniences lies in the fact that it eliminates the need to apply or reapply lipstick or lip color on a daily basis. By having a permanent lip color, it can enhance one's face and create a put-together appearance. 

Additionally, lip blushing can complement a person's natural features by enhancing the shape of their lips, making them appear fuller and more symmetrical. The technician applying the tattoo will often create an outline around the lips, which helps define any areas where the natural lip color has faded, resulting in a more pronounced and defined part of the face. 

Furthermore, lip blushing can also provide a more youthful appearance by addressing the issue of thinning lips that can occur with age. Overall, lip blushing offers a convenient, enhancing, and youth-enhancing solution for those seeking to enhance their lip appearance.

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