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Pre-Procedure Consultation is optional for any brows treatment. If you not sure which procedure/treatment is right for you let me professionally evaluate your eyebrows and help you pick the right one.

Deposit  $50

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Microblading is a form of a cosmetic semi-permanent makeup performed using, a manual (not a machine) disposable handheld tool, composed with very fine needles resembling the shape of a blade (we call it a microblade), to hand draw each individual hair and simultaneously implant the pigment into the skin. 


Each new hair stroke that is drawn by Microblading Artist is meant to simulate the client's natural eyebrows hair and seamlessly blend it with the client existing brows to add color and fullness resulting in a very natural look. This microblading process ensures that I design a customized shape, look, and feel that complements your face and your personality. With my experience at the helm, the results will be gorgeous yet undetectable.


There are more than a few different approaches to Microblading. There are 1D Eyebrows, where hair strokes all go in one direction. There are 3D Eyebrows, where the hair strokes are laid out in a specific pattern across the eyebrow ridges, creating a 3D effect. 

The 6D microblading and embroidery technique is a little more complex than the 3D one. This is because the hair strokes and embroidery are done in the direction of natural hairs and as per the growth pattern. It is more natural-looking than 3D  and the number of strokes is also more as compared to 3D eyebrow embroidery.


Both of them are not permanent but can be termed as semi-permanent, unlike eyebrow tattoos. The 6D technique is also the most comfortable and safe procedure involving minimal pain while Eyebrow embroidery is concerned.

MICROBLADING 6D      -      $300    


Nano Brows represent an improved technique of microblading which creates very thin hairs (Nanohairs drawn as shadow hairs; after healing, they look like shady hairs). These thin hairs look very natural and realistic.


NanoBrows technology is ideal for clients who have capillaries located very close to the skin surface. It also looks good on dry skin.


This procedure used if the client has very little hair or no hair at all.


Nano Brows advantages:

- best healing result;

- drawing thin hairs;

- Identifying and working in the correct depth

NANO BROWS        -        $360  


Microshading has a manual shading effect. Microshading is done exclusively by PMU Machine. The shadow effect creates thicker and more realistic eyebrows.
This technology is ideal for oily or shiny skin and those who perspire more often. It is also more suitable if you have sensitive skin.


Microshading creates a fuller look than microblading for people who want more color. Microshading can be done over the microblading hair strokes to fill in the brows more while still maintaining the appearance of the hair strokes.


This procedure is used when the client has very little or no hair at all.

MICROSHADING       -        $300

The Combo is a combination of a manual tool and a PMU machine or it is a combination of different techniques of microblading and microshading. With this technique, the artist is able to achieve denser and more defined brows. The amazing thing is they will still look so natural with a hint of makeup.  

Combination brows work on different skin types so it gives clients more options when it comes to enhancing their brows. You will also have the option to add an Ombre effect on top of this look.  


Combination brows are characterized by feathered hair strokes from the beginning to the middle, and then transitions to a powdered finish toward the tails. This is what creates the added definition that’s not so prominent in microbladed brows.  

COMBO                         -        $350     
Dahna Square After.jpg


Typically, the fuller the eyebrows, the more potential there is to be able to shape and design them to nicely frame the face and eyes. Obviously, if your eyebrows are pencil-thin, there is very little, if anything, that can be done to change the shape. 


This hair removal service includes some or all of the following:


A Consultation: There must be communication between the client and the esthetician about what the client desires and what the esthetician suggests. After a client explains what they are looking for in terms of shape, the esthetician will usually have them look into a mirror and provide a recommendation. She or he will explain exactly where hair will be removed, what the shape of the eyebrow will be, and why this shape suits the client's face.


Sanitizing: The area around your eyebrows should be cleaned with some type of astringent


Waxing: Each esthetician has his or her own style of waxing, but if eyebrows are being shaped, the waxing is usually done in sections. If a client is using or has used Retin-A, Tetracycline, or Accutane, waxing cannot be performed, and the shaping needs to be done with tweezers.


Trimming: After removing the unwanted hair, the brows that remain should be trimmed to avoid a bushy look. This is usually done by brushing the brow hairs with a spoolie (or a clean mascara wand) and cutting any long hairs with a pair of eyebrow scissors. Asians, especially, should have this done because their eyebrow hairs typically grow downward.



BROW DESIGN            -          $30 (without deposit)



Brow lamination is essentially a perm for your eyebrows, but without using the same harsh chemicals. It’s a keratin treatment that not only stimulates growth while strengthening the brow hairs, but creates thick, fluffy, and full brows.


The actual treatment begins with brow shaping to create a clean slate. Next, a "style adjusting" product is used to style the hairs into the client's desired shape, followed by a style neutralizer that sets brows in place. The last step is the application of a nourishing keratin oil that replenishes moisture after the chemical treatment process.


While brow lamination is generally for everyone, there are a few exceptions. This treatment is not recommended for people who have scratches, burns, or scars near the eyes, have eye contamination, skin conditions, or inflammation in the eyebrow area.


You should also stay away from brow lamination if you have allergies or past reactions to cosmetics, dyes, and semi-permanent tattooing such as microblading.


With proper care, brow lamination can last four to eight weeks.

BROW LIFT                 -       $50 (without deposit)

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